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Client Testimonials

"Lovely staff"

KS (January 2016)

"Fantastic, made me feel very relaxed"

SF (January 2016)

"Fantastic! And quick!"

LF (December 2015)


DD (December 2015)

"Really fantastic, I cannot speak highly enough of the service I received"

NR (December 2015)


YW (December 2015)

"Brilliant surgeon"

CE (November 2015)


MWP (November 2015)

"10 out of 10"

HS (November 2015)

"Thank you!"

KG (November 2015)

"Very friendly service"

WW (November 2015)

"Excellent, many thanks"

BS (October 2015)

"Wonderful, best dentist I have ever seen"

AD (October 2015)

"Excellent service"

C (October 2015)

"Brilliant surgeon"

CE (October 2015)

"Very pleased with this service"

AB (September 2015)

"The best dental experience in 30 years!"

BH (September 2015)

"Excellent explanation, excellent treatment, no faults at all"

OA (September 2015)

"Very nice staff"

AF (September 2015)

"Very kind and polite Dentists, lovely receptionist"

Anonymous (August 2015)


IM (August 2015)

"Painless, quick and very good service"

Anonymous (August 2015)

"Very quick and efficient service"

GS (August 2015)

"Lovely dentists, thank you for your care"

LK (July 2015)

"I was massively dental phobic. The entire procedure was very quick and he has cured me of my phobia and allowed me to smile happy again, thank you!"

SH (July 2015)

"Best dentist"

MA (July 2015)

"Very good"

PL (July 2015)

"Super-fast, very friendly, excellent service"

RT (June 2015)

"Absolutely fantastic, very professional"

KM (June 2015)

"Very good"

MS (June 2015)

"Very well looked after by all"

MF (June 2015)

"Very good, impressively quick and no pain"

ME (May 2015)

"Very good, made me feel at ease. Nice gentleman"

DC (May 2015)

"Very quick, very friendly. Thank you"

CQ (May 2015)

"Excellent service"

SR (May 2015)

"Thank you, a very professional job"

ZZ (April 2015)


SF (April 2015)

"Brilliant service, quick and painless"

SP (April 2015)

"Wonderful... I felt safe"

VS (April 2015)

"Thank you, a very professional job"

JA (March 2015)

"Wisdom tooth removed and didnt feel a thing"

SW (March 2015)

"Hes good! Pain free extraction"

WP (March 2015)

"Such a lovely man and great service put me at ease. Would highly recommend him"

CB (March 2015)

"Amazing and friendly doctor. He helped me to overcome my fear"

AA (February 2015)

"What a lovely man and your staff. Thank you so much for treating my Mum so professionally"

JB (February 2015)

"You are superb! Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

SA (February 2015)

"Perfect! Lovely people, really quick and painless. I will definitely be coming back"

ZN (February 2015)

"Very good services, made me feel at ease"

CM (January 2015)

"Good service, excellent staff, caring, helpful and polite"

JD (January 2015)

"Very polite receptionist, fast, pain free service!"

MS (January 2015)

"Excellent friendly service"

LP (January 2015)

"Such patience and understanding I cannot say enough good what a wonderful team."

DS (1st March 2014)

"Efficient and friendly."

DG (22nd February 2014)

"Tooth out really fast did not feel it."

CK (22nd February 2014)

"Very happy."

RS (22nd February 2014)

"Referred by my dentist, thank you so much."

SG (22nd February 2014)

"Everything explained very well friendly people."

GB (15th February 2014)

"Very good looks great."

RA (15th February 2014)

"Very good service very nice staff thank you!"

JM (15th February 2014)

"Very good service very nice staff thank you."

NP (15th February 2014)

"Very good and made you feel relaxed not scared at all."

LW (8th February 2014)

"Brilliant! I have a real fear of the dentist. But this was great! Thanks."

KD (1st February 2014)

"Pain free extraction! Thank you!"

BT (1st February 2014)

"Very good service, clean, efficient and very polite. First time to say this I liked going to the dentist."

AS (1st February 2014)

"Very compassionate staff. Surgeon was excellent efficient and professional."

AJ (1st February 2014)

"Very polite/professional."

TA (1st February 2014)

"Very professional and welcoming /friendly."

EM (10th January 2014)

"Excellent treatment."

PS (10th January 2014)

"brilliant service so quick like magic."

BM (9th January 2014)

"Fantastic service quick concise and efficient.Thank you."

RNL (9th January 2014)

"Very good very gentle BRILLIANT."

SB (8th January 2014)


DF (8th January 2014)

"Was really good."

KM (8th January 2014)

"Was brilliant dentist really put me at ease and fantastic sense of humour."

SS (8th January 2014)

The LEAST traumatic dental treatment I have ever had!"

AS (14th December 2013)

Easy painless and done with humour."

CA (14th December 2013)

Very Very Happy."

DW (14th December 2013)

Very nice."

RW (7th December 2013)

"Lovely people very friendly makes one feel at ease. Brilliant Dentist. Thank you."

JK (23rd November 2013)

"A very professional team thank you all of you!!!! Best Regards."

MC (26th October 2013)

"Well explained treated well wish I had not wasted time worrying. Very quick."

JD (24th October 2013)

"I felt very welcombed and they were very patient with me. A1."

DA (24th October 2013)

"Friendly and clear advice."

JD (14th October 2013)

"Very efficient friendly helpful and professional would recommend."

LL (14th October 2013)

"Brilliant lots of reassurance quick and pain free."

KD (14th October 2013)

"Excellent it was very quick and easy."

GJ (14th October 2013)

"Very good."

KB (14th October 2013)

"Great service quick and easy."

SB (5th October 2013)

"Lovely people."

SB (5th October 2013)

"Excellent Job. Put at ease and such speedy op Thank you."

PB (23rd September 2013)

"Went very well felt at ease and would recommend."

RA (23rd September 2013)

"Fantastic quick and easy."

JH (31st August 2013)

"Great Job No Pain Many Thanks."

IW (31st August 2013)

"Quick and easy."

LD (24th August 2013)

"Dentist was very friendly and very good at his job. Also staff very friendly."

AW (4th August 2013)

"A very nice experience."

TC (31st July 2013)

"Very friendly and helpful team."

NH (20th July 2013)

"Excellent!! If I had anymore wisdom teeth to take out he would be my choice."

BG (17th July 2013)

"Excellent very very excellent. Staff very very cheerful makes you feel happy as well."

SC (17th July 2013)

"Superb work felt very comfortable and happy with work."

JP (17th July 2013)

"What a friendly comforting team. You are all wonderful thanks for making it so easy."

KF (17th July 2013)

"Very quick very happy really nice man and ladies."

CE (17th July 2013)

"Very understanding about nervous patients."

SC (13th July 2013)

"Plenty of time given, Reassuring and patient."

HT (13th July 2013)

"Very relaxing and very good."

NL (13th July 2013)

"Very Very good excellent care."

IH (13th July 2013)

"Very good treatment would recommend."

NL (6th July 2013)

"Brilliant service and staff were great."

DT (29th June 2013)

"Very pleased with care."

NJ (29th June 2013)

V Good V Pleased"

DI (29th June 2013)

"Good practice Doctor and staff were very excellent."

AD (29th June 2013)

"Excellent lovely dentist and nurse."

FP (29th June 2013)

"I believe it was going to be really bad but the dentist and his dental nurse were brilliant, lovely I would refer all day long"

DH (29th June 2013)

"Fabulous. Quick and confident extraction. Made me feel v reassured and I am not brave."

ER (29th June 2013)


ZQ (29th June 2013)

"Lovely Surgeon Thank you!"

MD (21st June 2013)

"Best Dentist I have had"

KH (21st June 2013)

"Amazing Dentist."

LT (21st June 2013)

"No Pain Whatsoever. Would recommend to anyone."

PR (21st June 2013)

"Cannot believe how quick it was! What a gentleman!!"

SG (21st June 2013)


PC (21st June 2013)

"Very quick no pain good explanation of treatment."

PR (21st June 2013)

"Quick and easy! Thank you!"

MJ (21st June 2013)

"Very nice dentist will come again."

SD (21st June 2013)

"I was a nervous patient and the oral surgeon talked me through step by step."

AG (21st June 2013)

"That was v quick. Very Nice People."

MJ (15th June 2013)

"Brilliant Quick Recommended."

GW (15th June 2013)

"Very good."

RD (18th May 2013)

"Thanks- Great Job Very Fast and Painless."

VK (15th June 2013)

"Thank you lovely service really felt at ease after being so nervous."

WN (15th June 2013)

"Excellent service, lovely dentist, would highly recommend to others"

WN (18th May 2013)

"Very quick with no pain, many thanks"

BC (18th May 2013)

"Lovely dentist, very kind and patient"

BH (18th May 2013)

"Very nice to meet a fabulous team"

NW (18th May 2013)

"Very patient and kind, brilliant service"

AA (18th May 2013)

"Thank you so much for putting me at ease"

NMC (18th May 2013)

"Very nice dentist, I did not feel a thing, great treatment. Thanks"

GW (18th May 2013)

"Much better than I thought it would be. All friendly staff that helped me to relax"

AB (18th May 2013)

"Very friendly, thank you for taking the time to listen"

GW (18th May 2013)

"Very kind and nice, thank you"

CH (18th May 2013)

"Really nice and quick service"

GN (11th May 2013)

"It was a very nice experience, thank you"

KL (11th May 2013)

"Brilliant! Thank you very much"

PS (11th May 2013)

"So good made me feel wonderful, many thanks"

CH (11th May 2013)

"Great service, thanks"

CH (11th May 2013)

"Very good, made me feel at ease"

EK (11th May 2013)

"Great service, thanks"

BH (11th May 2013)

"Excellent service"

MR (11th May 2013)

"Great service, thanks"

CH (11th May 2013)

"Very good service. The dentist was very good, thank you"

ML (4th May 2013)

"A very good service. The doctor was very attentive, friendly and explained my issue very clearly. Thank you"

IS (4th May 2013)

"Lovely staff and great surgeon. Felt very comfortable"

CD (4th May 2013)

"Excellent treatment. Everything explained well before and after treatment. Thank you"

JM (4th May 2013)

"Excellent job and very interesting commentary. Thank you"

AS (4th May 2013)

"Very quick treatment with no pain, job perfectly done"

CH (4th May 2013)

"Very nice staff, job well done"

TD (4th May 2013)

"Nice and friendly staff, really helped"

AO (27th April 2013)

"Very good service and an excellent team, thank you"

AO (27th April 2013)

"A very kind and helpful dentist. I was very pleased with the treatment, thank you"

CA (27th April 2013)

"Very helpful, extremely informative and friendly. Thank you"

CH (27th April 2013)

"Explained the procedure and gave me options. I was in very good hands, thank you"

CH (27th April 2013)

"Well done, best yet"

TT (24th April 2013)

"Prompt treatment from a very helpful dentist"

DK (24th April 2013)

"Very quick treatment and a lovely dentist. Thank you!"

KW (24th April 2013)

"Amazing, Excellent, Thank you"

PS (24th April 2013)

"Amazing! Lovely dentist who made me feel at ease. Very quick removal of tooth"

CH (24th April 2013)

"Very quick, thank you"

CL (24th April 2013)

"A very quick and stress free service, Thank you"

EB (24th April 2013)

"Thank you"

JK (13th April 2013)

"Excellent dentistry very impressed, thank you"

BL (13th April 2013)

"An excellent dentist, did not feel a thing! Would highly recommend this surgery"

SF (13th April 2013)

"Excellent service and very quick"

JB (13th April 2013)

"Excellent service, very quick and painless"

DA (13th April 2013)

"Very helpful staff and relaxing atmosphere. This helped me feel at ease"

CG (13th April 2013)

"Friendly staff"

BS (13th April 2013)

"Very helpful, put my mind at rest. Thank you"

LS (13th April 2013)

"Very fast treatment, thank you"

JS (13th April 2013)

"Provided a very in-depth explanation of the problem I was having. A very satisfactory consultation"

JB (13th April 2013)

"Very fast painless procedure, thank you"

TD (11th April 2013)

"The best dentist I have visited in a long while. A very helpful, reassuring and charming dentist who put me at ease all through the procedure. Gold stars all round!"

IB (11th April 2013)

"Quick, efficient and nothing to worry about, thank you"

ST (11th April 2013)

"Thank you"

AK (11th April 2013)

"A very professional excellent service"

RK (11th April 2013)

"A very good service and pleasant staff"

KW (11th April 2013)

"Excellent service explained the treatment very well and made me feel comfortable with pleasant explanations, very polite staff"

PV (11th April 2013)

"Very professional, thank you"

DA (11th April 2013)

"Very nice staff, Brilliant"

WB (11th April 2013)


GK (11th April 2013)

"Brilliant really nice staff"

EP (6th April 2013)

"Excellent, very good job"

EC (6th April 2013)

"Very helpful and put at ease "

RV (6th April 2013)

"Very friendly and reassuring"

JF (6th April 2013)

"Excellent and very friendly staff"

DH (6th April 2013)

"A very informative great dentist"

LF (6th April 2013)

"Quick and painless treatment, a very friendly service"

JA (6th April 2013)

"Excellent treatment"

CD (23rd March 2013)

"Excellent treatment, thank you so much"

JH (23rd March 2013)

"Very good and polite staff, have complete confidence in the procedures"

JO (23rd March 2013)

"Efficient good Practice"

MH (23rd March 2013)

"A very friendly, painless and pleasant experience"

KH (23rd March 2013)

"A very good experience, made me feel comfortable"

AG (22nd March 2013)

"Excellent service"

KW (22nd March 2013)

"Lovely surgeon"

KW (22nd March 2013)

"Excellent service, very fast and prompt"

IN (22nd March 2013)

"Lovely clean Practice"

DC (22nd March 2013)

"Quick and pain free! Thanks"

RM (22nd March 2013)

"Very quick"

NW (22nd March 2013)

"Excellent experience with a pleasant and re-assuring team, well done!"

GP (22nd March 2013)

"I felt at ease with no pain even as I was having the tooth extracted"

CW (16th March 2013)

"A very pleasant environment"

HG (16th March 2013)

"Great team and excellent treatment"

DB (16th March 2013)

"A very good service"

NW (16th March 2013)

"Good service"

CH (16th March 2013)

"Very good, well done"

SB (16th March 2013)

"A very nice dentist, calm and re-assuring"

IJ (16th March 2013)

"A very calming atmosphere"

SR (16th March 2013)

"Quick, efficient treatment with professional staff"

RM (16th March 2013)

"Very good treatment with good communication all the way through"

RP (16th March 2013)

"Well satisfied with the treatment and the manner in which it was carried out "

DH (16th March 2013)

"Thank you!"

MB (9th March 2013)

"All I can say is the surgeon is great, a very good job"

MB (9th March 2013)

"Superb consultation"

WM (9th March 2013)

"A very good dentist, Thank you"

HK (9th March 2013)

"Best experience at the dentist in my entire life, Thank you"

VJ (9th March 2013)

"A very good treatment, highly efficient procedure"

NA (9th March 2013)

"Friendly, excellent and very quick service"

MB (2nd March 2013)

"Very friendly and thorough"

MB (2nd March 2013)

"Very friendly staff, and very painless and quick treatment"

MB (2nd March 2013)

"Thank you, I was very nervous however the treatment was painless and felt relaxed"

JW (2nd March 2013)

"Being a nervous patient I was very pleased at how quick the procedure was. I walked out more relaxed than I expected"

CR (1st March 2013)

"Very pleased with the service"

MB (1st March 2013)

"I was put at ease, the procedure was very quick and painless"

SA (1st March 2013)

"A very good service, put at ease and best of all no pain"

AW (1st March 2013)

"Very good"

KR (1st March 2013)

"Friendly and gentle"

JS (1st March 2013)


MV (1st March 2013)

"Very pleased with the treatment, Thank you"

PS (23rd February 2013)

"Very nice and friendly staff, cannot fault anything"

MH (23rd February 2013)

"A very nice and caring man, thanks"

SB (23rd February 2013)

"Excellent service and lovely staff"

RP (23rd February 2013)

"Best clinic I have been to, I was very impressed"

CG (23rd February 2013)

"Very good, fast and friendly staff. Thank you"

CB (23rd February 2013)

"Very friendly and quick service, thank you"

BJ (5th January 2013)

"Very friendly and professional, made me feel at ease both before and during surgery"

JN (5th January 2013)

"Very professional, would recommend"

FP (5th January 2013)

"Great Service!"

DC (5th January 2013)

"Excellent treatment and very quick, thank you the dentist and all staff!"

RWM (5th January 2013)

"I had my bottom wisdom tooth removed by Mr Al-Hashemi, he did an excellent and very quick job".

Jo Jarman

"Treatment was quick with no pain, excellent".

D Joel

"Brilliant treatment".

Angela Thompson

"As a very nervous person I found the staff very relaxing and the extractions went better than I expected, and I thank Dr Al-Hashemi very much for a good job. Many thanks".

Raymond Abrahams

"An absolutely pain free extraction, dare I say “a pleasant” trip to the dentist surgery. Both the dentist and assistant are very friendly and I was completely at ease".

Terrence Lockett

"Very pleasant experience

Andrew McMaster

"Brilliant treatment, pain free and felt at ease as soon as entering the clinic, Mr Al-Hashemi definitely recommended".

"I was very worried about having a wisdom tooth out, but the staff were very friendly and the work was swift and not as bad as I thought".

Ray Howlett

"Very pleased with the service overall, great environment, friendly staff and Mr Al-Hashemi explained and carried out the treatment better than expected making me feel at ease. Highly recommended".

"The treatment was explained, and carried out extremely well. Would recommend".

"After the appointment was booked the whole procedure was explained fully, easy to find location, excellent facilities and friendly staff".

"Being a nervous patient and thinking about the consultation the oral surgeon Mr Hashemi was courteous, friendly and sensitive, he listened and carried out treatment as explained".

"Extremely satisfied with choosing to go private, Mr Al-Hashemi would be highly recommended, environment was relaxing and the staff friendly and helpful".

"Quick and efficient service, relaxing and friendly atmosphere, would recommend for future use".

"Excellent. Thank you"

PJM (5th January 2013)

"This was my second visit, very pleased with the service, thanks!"

KB (5th January 2013)

"Brilliant, 10 out of 10"

LP (5th January 2013)

"I’m a very nervous patient but the experience here was first class, thank you."

SA (5th January 2013)

"A very good dentist – would highly recommend"

DH (22nd December 2012)

"Very good service, thank you very much!"

SD (22nd December 2012)

"Very good service not at all what I expected, am happy to return in the near future"

BB(15th December 2012)


AA (15th December 2012)

"Very good service, happy to return"

BB (15th December 2012)

"Fantastic service, highly recommend, very polite and great sense of humour"

DS (15th December 2012)

"Excellent service all round from receptionist to surgeon"

JG(15th December 2012)

"Excellent service and care – thanks to all"

LC (15th December 2012)

"Very good treatment"

DK (15th December 2012)

"Very helpful – explained symptoms well – “NO PAIN”"

MS (15th December 2012)

"Gentle and withdrew my fears"

JD (15th December 2012)

"Very kind and gentle, talked me through every step which I appreciated"

ML (15th December 2012)

"Very quick and very happy with the service"

DK (1st December 2012)

"Excellent, Thank you very much"

KC (1st December 2012)

"Very good service"

JP (1st December 2012)

"The best treatment I have ever had!"

IR (1st December 2012)

"Excellent service and very helpful with information. Thank you"

RP (1st December 2012)

"Excellent service, very impressed"

AL (1st December 2012)

"Very quick service, Thanks!"

SH (1st December 2012)

"Excellent Service"

MD (24th November 2012)

"Quick and painless, thank you"

HC (24th November 2012)

"No complaints what so ever, many thanks"

AM (24th November 2012)

"Excellent service"

DC (24th November 2012)

"Excellent treatment, great patient management"

JQ (24th November 2012)

"Excellent – very good and very pleased"

JH (24th November 2012)

"Very good treatment all round"

MH (24th November 2012)

"Very good – No pain"

RB (24th November 2012)

"The best dentist I have ever met"

MM (24th November 2012)

"Fantastic treatment"

JL (24th November 2012)

"Very good and friendly"

GR (24th November 2012)

"Very happy with treatment, very kind man"

HB (24th November 2012)

"Best dental experience I’ve ever had, professional"

GS (24th November 2012)

"Very professional, made me feel at ease, thanks"

TM (22nd November 2012)

"very worried at first but needn’t have been, lovely job. Thank you"

EB (22nd November 2012)

"The dentist was very nice and kind"

MM (22nd November 2012)

"Very efficient, would recommend"

DL (22nd November 2012)

"Great service, thank you"

HG (22nd November 2012)

"Very quick and very friendly. Thank you!"

KR (17th November 2012)

"Excellent service, very quick and calmed me down, thank you"

JT (17th November 2012)

"Good and fast service, thanks"

BB (17th November 2012)

"Excellent – almost a pleasure"

LCS (17th November 2012)

"Very good, put my mind at rest – Thank you"

DN (17th November 2012)

"Very quick and painless, a very nice dentist"

MB (17th November 2012)

"Very good service, will be back, thank you"

MP (17th November 2012)

"Very good, put me at ease"

AR (17th November 2012)

"Very very good!"

EBP (17th November 2012)

"Really good, explains treatment well"

CH (10th November 2012)

"Very kind staff"

VC (10th November 2012)

"Excellent service and gained knowledge whilst here, thanks"

AM (10th November 2012)

"Excellent, Thank you"

LDB (10th November 2012)


NLR (10th November 2012)

"Great service, Thank you"

SC (10th November 2012)

"Many thanks"

DH (10th November 2012)

"Great Service. Many thanks"

NH (10th November 2012)

"Fantastic service, really quick, thank you"

DC (10th November 2012)


LPD (3rd November 2012)

"Well done, very good"

LPD (3rd November 2012)

"Very good service"

DC (3rd November 2012)

"Very good service thank you very much"

DH (3rd November 2012)

"Very friendly, made me feel very relaxed"

AB (3rd November 2012)

"Fantastic! Really friendly staff that put me at ease, would come again, highly recommend"

KS (31st October 2012)

"Fantastic and lovely staff. Would recommend, thanks"

AG (31st October 2012)

"OMG, Amazing! I don’t want to go anywhere else now!!"

SF(31st October 2012)

"Thank you – what a fantastic experience, I will definitely recommend"

JA (31st October 2012)

"Very good and very quick"

LM (31st October 2012)

"Friendly staff, calm environment, very helpful receptionist"

IS (31st October 2012)

"Great treatment all round. Highly recommended"

BH (31st October 2012)

"Nice man, overcame my fear"

LL (26th October 2012)

"Excellent receptionist and treatment"

KM(26th October 2012)

"Fantastic! I was really nervous but the dentist made me feel at ease and relaxed, would highly recommend"

TG (26th October 2012)

"Very helpful advice, Thank you"

MB (22nd October 2012)

"Very nice person for good dental work"

IS (22nd October 2012)

"Absolutely wonderful, excellent and lovely manner, Thank you"

MF (22nd October 2012)

"Lovely place, felt relaxed whilst in the dental chair. Lovely man and receptionist, thank you"

KM (22nd October 2012)

"Really lovely dentist. Nice and clean"

SG (22nd October 2012)

"Very lovely, seen quickly and answered any questions I had"

GF (22nd October 2012)

"WOW, very pleased with the work, great dentist"

PB (22nd October 2012)

"Excellent service, didn’t feel a thing!"

PC (22nd October 2012)

"Completely painless"

AM (22nd October 2012)

"Very good service, felt so relaxed and welcome, all the staff were fantastic and re-assuring. Thank you"

NC (20th October 2012)

"Very good service and very quick, Thank you"

LL (20th October 2012)

"Excellent service, made me feel really comfortable, Thank you"

ZB (20th October 2012)

"Excellent service, very re-assuring

KY(20th October 2012)

"Excellent treatment put at ease and felt no pain"

CC (20th October 2012)

"Excellent service"

MM (20th October 2012)

"Brilliant! Thank you"

DB(20th October 2012)

"No pain and quick, plus a very pleasant dentist, Thanks"

JH (20th October 2012)


XP (20th October 2012)

"Very good, didn’t feel a thing"

OZ (13th October 2012)

"Excellent dentist, very friendly and NO pain"

GP (13th October 2012)

"Very good service, Thank you"

DMC (13th October 2012)

"Very good, didn’t feel a thing"

OZ (13th October 2012)

"Felt very comfortable and able to express my dental issues openly"

TG (3rd August 2012)

"Everybody at the clinic was very helpful and generally great, I would highly recommend"

RB (29th September 2012)

"Cannot put into right words, amazing, super, special, super service and wonderful"

MB (29th September 2012)

"Staff are all supportive – well done"

MB (29th September 2012)

"Excellent service, peaceful atmosphere, thanks"

SG (1st October 2012)

"Excellent service, I’ll be referring my family"


"Very good service, good atmosphere, I hope to come back"

DS (1st October 2012)

"After being extremely nervous the dentist made me feel at ease, wonderful man"

PP(1st October 2012)

"What a great experience for something that scares me. Gave me the confidence back to see dentist – thank you so much"

TA (2nd October 2012)

"Very grateful for being looked after so well. Would love to come here again. Thank you"

MA (6th October 2012)

"Very good service, they resolved my problem, great place, thanks"

KM (6th October 2012)

"First class treatment, the tops"

JM (6th October 2012)

"Quick and painless"

NE (6th October 2012)