Am i suitable for Smile in a Day Implants?

Are you looking for an alternative to Dentures?

What if you could undergo fixed teeth replacement that allows you to eat, socialise, and smile again naturally, without discomfort or fear of embarrassment?
This is what fixed teeth on full mouth dental implants can do.
Full jaw implants have the ability to preserve healthy bone and are fitted without the need for time-consuming and costly bone grafting. They look, behave, and – to all intent and purpose – function just like natural teeth. Once fitted, they can restore and retain your facial shape. In essence, full mouth implants are a working set of natural-looking teeth.

At Mulberry Dental Clinic doing things differently has allowed us to help thousands of individuals to regain their smiles and their confidence.

We’re proud to say that our treatment of full jaw dental implants has meant that not only have we been able to provide a solution to those who felt that dentures were their only choice – offering a cost-effective, long-lasting option for many. But we have also been able to provide the following benefits:

  • Teeth that look, behave and perform like natural teeth.
  • Preservation of healthy bone without the need for grafting.
  • Restoration and retention of your natural face shape.

Is the Mulberry Dental Clinic right for you?

Yes, it’s true that we have helped to transform the smile of thousands of patients over the years.

Whilst many of our patients come to us directly for our expert opinion and specialist facilities, others have suffered from advanced gum disease and severe tooth loss for several years before seeking our help.

There are a number of reasons why treatment may be delayed but some of the most common include feelings of embarrassment, financial issues or a fear of the dentist. That’s why we have done our best to provide a service that is:

  • In a comfortable, warm, and friendly environment
  • All done in-house for quality control and peace of mind
  • Dental sedation options are available

We appreciate the huge impact that a smile can have on your physical and mental wellbeing, so whether you’ve got failing teeth and have decided now is the time to seek help, or you have been told before that dentures are your only viable option – we’re here to help.

Patient Transformations

Here are a few of our happy patients. Speak to us if you are looking for a new smile.

Q: I do not have enough bone for dental implants?

You can still have dental implants even if you have minimum bone available. Conventional approaches to placing dental implants for full jaw correction can require sinus lifts and bone grafting and a minimum of 6 to 9 months of waiting and healing time. The places the back implants at angles and uses the Zygomatic and Pterygoid bone to anchor implants beyond the jaw bone and provide stable and predictable long-term results.

In traditional dentistry, when providing implants around existing teeth that are healthy and staying put, it is often necessary to add bone graft materials to rebuild the lost architecture so it can complement the architecture of the adjacent existing teeth. Our procedures involve a full jaw correction. With full jaw correction, we only need bone that is no more than 5mm wide and 10mm high, and of adequate spread, across the jaw. With cone-beam CT (CBCT) scanning (which we provide in the clinical assessment), we can evaluate the availability, position and quality of even these small amounts of remaining bone. We use newer implant techniques, such as placing zygomatic implants – which negate the need in most cases for either bone grafts or sinus lifts.

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