Statement of Purpose

Mulberry Dental Clinic offers high quality private dental services in Harlow, Essex. We are a modern dental practice, providing excellence in dentistry using the latest dental techniques incorporating state-of-the-art equipment to make your dental journey comfortable. Principal Dentist Dr Shawqi Al-Hashemi has an extensive experience in Oral Surgery and placing Dental Implants.

Registered Provider and Address
Surgipact Ltd, 42 Market Street, Old Harlow, Essex, Essex, CM17 0AQ (01279) 434677

Legal Entity
Organisation – registered company number: 05909724

Registered Manager
Mr Sayed Shawqi Ali Mohammed Kadhem Al-Hashemi

Location Details
Mulberry Dental Clinic, 42 Market Street, Old Harlow, Essex, Essex, CM17 0AQ (01279) 434677

Number of Locations: 2

Percentage of time spent at this location – 60% in clinic

The regulated Activities the Registered Manager will oversee at this location are:
Diagnostic and screening procedures
Treatment of disease, disorder, or injury
Surgical procedures

The CQC service type(s) provided at this location
Dental Services

CQC service user bands
Adults aged 18-65
Adults aged 65+

Contact details
01279 933933

Our Opening Hours

All patients are seen on an appointment basis. Clinic opening hours are flexible to patient’s needs but generally, the clinic is open 

Monday 9-5

Tuesday 9-5

Wednesday 9-5

Thursday 9-5

Friday 9-5

Saturday closed or by appointment if necessary

Sunday closed

Out of Hours Emergencies:

Patients have our emergency contact details and can contact the principal dentist out of hours.

Description of our services

At Mulberry dental clinic we have general dentists and specialists offering complex implant treatments, minor oral surgery, orthodontics, endodontics and oral hygiene care. We are based in Harlow specialising in all kinds of Dental Implants, including Zygomatic Implants, Smile in a day and full mouth dental implants.

Dr Shawqi Al-Hashemi qualified in 1998, after completing his dental training in general practice and implant placement before entering the NHS hospital service. He has worked in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery units across Ireland and UK. In 2005, he was awarded the prestigious membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Ireland, followed by a Fellowship in Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland 2005.

The patient is led by highly qualified and trained clinicians to achieve the best outcomes for our patients, empower and help them gain their confidence, look and feel great.

Our services are offered privately and aimed at adults through self-referral and referred through local colleagues for complex care. We also see NHS referred patients for MOS care.

Aims and Objectives

Our Aims

We aim to complex dental solutions and patient care of consistently the highest standard and quality for all patients and ensure professional relationships with our local colleagues so they refer their patients with complete trust and confidence.

In addition, we aim:

  • To understand and exceed the expectations of our patients
  • To treat patients with honesty and integrity in complete confidence and with the utmost discretion, in a comfortable setting and at a reasonable cost
  • To both motivate and invest in our team, acknowledge their value and support with professional growth opportunities
  • To lead by example and build a strong and dedicated team everyone is on board and actively participates in achieving our aims and objectives
  • Build a strong network and maintain professional relationships with local colleagues who will refer patients to us regularly and with confidence.
  • To make ongoing improvements to our services by listening to our patients and monitoring the quality of care and outcomes to ensure we meet their needs and exceed their expectations

Our Objectives
The objectives of the practice are to deliver a service of the highest quality in line with professional standards and regulations:

  • To be accountable for individual and team performance
  • To support and learn from each other in achieving patient expectations
  • To have systems in place to ensure and monitor ongoing compliance
  • To maintain the highest professional and ethical standards
  • To encourage innovation, ambition, enterprise and continuous improvement
  • To ensure staff are trained and competent through investment and personal development
  • To ensure compliance with the requirements of the Advertising Standards Authority and the guidance of the General Dental Council regarding advertisements to ensure it reflects the true nature of services offered

Description of the Location

The clinic is located over 3 floors. There is step-free access but the premises are quite small and would be difficult to navigate for patients in a wheelchair. We do have downstairs surgery which helps patients who find stairs challenging. The clinic is located in a central location in the old town. There is easy access to many public transport links, busses and a few train stations.

Regulated Activities

Diagnostic and screening procedures

Treatment of disease, disorder, or injury

Surgical procedures


At Mulberry Dental Clinic we are committed and dedicated to providing the highest standards of care and clinical excellence.

We offer a good range of complex specialist dentistry and cosmetic services for adults.

Our specially trained clinicians will carry out diagnostic imaging using Cone Beam CT scans on request through a referral or as required to support treatment planning and will provide interpreting and reporting of images.

We will carry out diagnostic procedures for patients referred for specialist dentistry, and oral cancer screening and communicate the outcomes or diagnosis back to the referring clinicians in a timely manner.

A comprehensive dental health assessment at each examination appointment, assessing and evaluating soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity using diagnostic aids such as x-rays, and intra-oral photographs as and when required.

Our clinical examinations will ensure full medical and social history will be taken, a comprehensive assessment of teeth, and soft and hard tissues using diagnostic aids such as x-rays, and intra-oral photographs as and when required. This will enable us carefully plan and put together a comprehensive report with the proposed treatment care plan, associated costs, risks, benefits and alternatives for each individual patient.

Oral cancer screening will help us in detecting and diagnosing lumps, bumps and lesions. Where any abnormalities will be detected, our highly skilled consultants and surgeons will take biopsies and arrange laboratory testing. Where necessary and agreed with patients, early intervention and surgical removal will be carried out in a timely manner to ensure the best outcome for the patient. 

Clinical Notes and patient records are digital and will be kept securely on dental software.


Same day emergency appointments and treatments will be offered to patients in pain.

Our clinic will offer complex treatments relating to oral surgery, implants, preventative care, restorative cosmetic work, orthodontics, endodontics, prosthetics and treatment of periodontal disease. 

Patients will always be provided with a written treatment plan detailing all costs, risks and benefits and will be encouraged to take time to consider the options.

Timely communications will be maintained with referring clinicians about the proposed treatments and final outcomes before discharging patients back to their care.

Incoming and outcoming referrals will be logged and tracked to ensure timely access to patients and prompt arrangements for treatment refereed.

Our dedicated team will ensure patients are contacted before they are due to attend for treatment and followed post-operatively to ensure safe and full recovery and overall wellbeing.


Complex Oral Surgery procedures will be carried out such as impacted wisdom teeth removal, buried roots, removal of lesions, lumps and bumps and biopsies, and complex dental implants.

We will always ensure patients are provided with detailed information and explanations to patients where a surgical procedure is necessary including risks, likely outcomes, procedure, etc.

We will ensure patients have all the information they require to fully understand the procedure and provide informed consent to the treatment proposed. Consent is always reconfirmed on the day of their treatment to ensure it remains valid.

Our dedicated team will ensure patients are contacted before they are due to attend for treatment and followed post-operatively to ensure safe and full recovery and overall wellbeing

Date of review: June 2022

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