Oral Surgery

At Mulberry Dental Clinic in Harlow we offer Oral surgery to treat issues that require advanced surgical procedures. Our experienced dentist Dr. Al-Hashemi has vast experience in performing oral surgery procedures. We offer a detailed consultation in which you can discuss every detail about the surgery.

In our consultation we also explains the implications of surgery, what it involves and what it will cost. We ensure that the entire process is transparent and comfortable for you.

oral surgery

Oral surgery is an invasive procedure performed on teeth, jaw and gums to treat more complex conditions. A simple extraction can be performed by all dentists but some forms or wisdom teeth extractions, e.g. impactions, need more specialised care.

Certain types of dental implant placement, root canal treatment and other complex treatments require oral surgery appointments.

Our experienced dental team is skilled in the following:


We offer impeccable aftercare for our patients. Our aftercare includes regular checkups and monitoring of your oral health.  In each of your visits, we provide you with a progress report.

If you have been into hospital or a special clinic for surgery following a referral from us, then it may be you have to attend follow up appointments outside of our clinic to monitor your progress. We will be able to continue to provide general dental care to you, and we will have your medical notes, but we will likely work with the team who performed your oral surgery until such a time that the problem is considered resolved.


Oral surgery is not a painful procedure. Our dental team takes all necessary measures to ensure that you do not feel any discomfort including administering local anesthetic medications.

If tissue is removed from the mouth, you may have some pain for a few days that can be relieved with over the counter pain tablets. The healing procedure is usually quick and it will usually take 1 to 2 weeks for your mouth to heal completely, although it can take longer.
It may require somewhere between a few days to a couple of weeks to recover from wisdom tooth surgery, but mostly people start feeling better after three days.
If you have been given sedation medications, then you will require someone to pick you up after surgery.

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